What can Mal Williamson do for you?

I make films about people - to promote, present or persuade. With parallel careers in education, business and changework therapy I can bring a range of capabilities to your projects.

I also use film-as-research approaches and develop new improvisation tools for my award-winning drama productions.

Film is more powerful than ever - combined with internet strategies and mobile apps your film is the leading edge of your marketing and message making.

Your Film Commissions

Develop & promote your projects. Education and community organisations commission me to work with groups to bring their stories to the screen - feature films & shorts.

Other times the brief is to capture a project in a unique mini-doc.  Then promote online and to festivals. Or perhaps used to successfully gain funding? Or for business conferences? 

And social media means specialist thought and production techniques.

Film is the most wonderful way to push your message because it can accurately present complex projects as well as move people with direct clarity.

Facts + Emotions = Fantastic Communication.

My Independent Films

Over the last few years I have moved from short films to feature films. These are a wonderful challenge - so difficult ha!

Yet also perhaps the purest presentations of film arts. The real thing? The real art? Like test match cricket compared to 20-over games? 

I like to work with a minimal or no crew to allow myself and co-workers, the cast, to develop the scenes in as natural a way as possible. Cinema can be very different from theatre or literature and my work is about exploring this difference. 

My PhD is analysing non-visual eye movements in films - movements we use to help us think or communicate.

What can mainstream cinema become?

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