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Alan Raw

"This film is brilliant.
Rich & vital.
The music is extraordinary"


Adele Howitt

"Touching & sensitive. How artists can find their pathway - even as their city becomes a world stage"


Mark Page

"MUST SEE movie! Beautifully paced. Gives credit to the true creatives who earned Hull 2017"

What is a City of Culture?

Filmed during the heady days of 2017 with a posse of professional Hull actors and non-actors, this movie celebrates our arts life.  All the artists & musicians play enhanced or alternative versions of themselves as Ellis Todd searches for new audiences and success when Kingston-upon-Hull wins UK City of Culture 2017.

Will he be rewarded or ignored?

Mal Williamson is an award-winning film-maker forever based in Hull so knows our cultural communities very well. He works as a freelance film-maker, educator & changework therapist. This take on the featured 2017 events and the unfolding stories is personal yet informed - offering great insights into the life of an artist.

Join cast & crew at Social on Humber St to share the premiere of this epic beat rhapsody of music, relationships, mental health and the practice & politics of delivering art.  Philosophy blends with creative strategies - enjoy therapeutic approaches to being an artist.

With its title taken from the promo slogans of the 2017 committee, this film is sometimes real & sometimes fiction.  Footage from Hull 2017 mixes with personal revelations and romance.
With a soundtrack of over 30 regional Hull bands this movie is fascinating, cutting & fun!


Rich Sharp Wilson

"An assault of places, faces and music! Screams Hull off the screen at me"


Leila Reeves

"I am so bloody excited to see this!"


Mark Page

"Hull's own Mike Leigh! Love KAG & Humber Street captured in all its pre-gentrification glory"

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