Lyn Acton & Special Guests


Hull Jazz Festival gave Lyn the honour of a full evening at Spring St Theatre to review and perform her favourite songs with her favourite musicians. 

Lyn is a wonderful person - warm & generous, strong & kind, talented & giving.  As a film-maker I was keen to capture this event, making a multi-camera record for her grandkids who couldn't be there that night to share her career, so far, with friends and fans forever.  And  I am her loving partner - groupie superfan number one! :)

Amongst the sold out crowd is our son Nathan, loving this chance to share time together and remember his brother Jack who died of a brain aneurysm aged 21.  It is astounding sometimes to guess at what Lyn lives through, on stage and off - but great to know that the singing is her  time. 

The sensitive interviews by Dave Windass offer everyone an insight to Lyn's humour and history - a woman in a man's music world when she started in the 70s and has opened jazz festivals, sold out top London venues and released critically-acclaimed albums.  

From punk to funk, bossa to boombox and cover versions to self-penned created verses - this is the life of an amazing local musician, loved and lauded from round the corner to around the globe.


"film music rinses our brains with fear & joy,
the familiar and the strange - without
music we do not know how to feel.

with music, we can know our emotions." 

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