Mermaid in Hull

Working with young people from one particular area in Hull.
City of Culture 2017? What is that for them?
The answers were very interesting, imaginative and not surprising!
Together we began and finished a feature film production over the autumn of that auspicious year.
Congrats to the amazing youngsters of Goodwin Youth Club :)

"Wonderful to see art so clearly coming from the ideas and work of young people of Hull"
Liz Woolmington, Youth Work Manager, Hull City Council


It is so useful to have funding that goes in large blocks to local agents as such - who are then able to spread that around.

Applying direct to large orgs is often a dissociated process that can stifle a project in its infancy.

This time with Headstart was a 2-way empowering process.


The youth club at Darleys were great at inspiring their young people without pushing.

We spoke with all the youngsters to got ideas and feedback for research reports.

Making features is different!  Slowly slowly at first, then it gets intense and informative.

Bid Writing

Headstart were willing to take a bid about a feature film - and open to the explanations as to how such a project can be achieved.

They cleverly worked with us around the budget - being able to ask and answer questions was great to keep the cameras rolling!

The film was screened to a packed Goodwin Village Hall before Christmas.  We attempted to get further funds to make Blu-Rays for the young people involved but it wasn't possible. 
The film went online under passwords for their friends and family, before being removed for safeguarding purposes. 
"Mermaid in Hull" was also shown in schools to help discussions about City of Culture 2017.  A great cost-effective result and a huge amount of community engagement.


"Young people know what a movie is.
Short films? Not so much. 

With the right methods, we all can
get behind the ambition and scope
of a movie project"

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