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"The sounds are so beautiful...the clicking of the blinds... the turning off of air con. The inner monologue....the most annoying phrases in dance is 'you make it look so effortless'...I always feel like saying.. try watching with the FULL, truthful sounds...the struggle for breath...the inner monologue as ideas hit, the crash of a bad landing... So many moments I loved about this...the complete focus of the dancer whilst being asked 'make a noise...make a noise that exceeds'.. the interjection of small talk whilst you're trying to battle on...the pressure against the clock to create with eyes watching and clock ticking... Made me quite emotional to remember the pressures of professional dance... The lady is such an amazing choreographer, too...the way she expresses and vocalise her ideas and process... I also loved the male musician's honesty...(although I NEEDED to know what he was texting to develop my opinion of that bad??!)"

"When the female musician 'got it' you can see on her face that she had tuned into to the language of the choreo - just gorgeous. Loved this. I'm in a creative muddy puddle at the moment and this helped massively - thank you x"

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Improvised & filmed in one afternoon to create a 45min study of a dance created.

A dancer, choreographer and musician arriving at different times. 

Later, inspired by what unfolded, Mal wrote an accompanying narrated philosophy.

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