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"The film that shows the reality behind therapeutic intervention"


Matthew Truesmith

"Delicate performances  ... startling extraordinary ideas"

Gordon Meredith is Will

Actor and writer based in East Yorkshire. His performances include a number of short independent films and features, historical videos and stage plays.

He also writes and produces his own historical theatre productions ‘Folk Theatre’ as well as online comedy short films which can be seen on Shift Key Theatre’s YouTube page.

"Meredith in particular does an excellent job, musing and wrestling with many of these issues that affect us all. From my experience very convincing as the central character!"  Nick Kemp PCW


Professional actress and writer living in Beverley. Her theatre credits include Lupe Lu in The Twilight Radio Show (Shift Key Theatre Company), Mariana in MissCast (She Productions), Mrs. Bedwin and Nurse in Oliver Twist (dir. Mike Friend), Dinner Guest in Sparrow (dir. Mike Friend), She in Leaving, Life and Love (dir. Richard Avery), Shakespeare’s Spanish lover in I Am Will (dir. Richard Avery), Madam Soto in Is There Anybody Out There? (Other Lives Production), The Bride in A Respectable Wedding (dir. Raul Zermeno), Itai in Death Raft (dir. Boris Schoemann), Rosa in A Superficial Journey (dir. Raul Zermeno), Elba in Epifania (dir. Ana Francis More), Ilse in the satirical play Flans (dir. Tito Vasconcelos), several characters in the political satire Cabaret-A-Trois on show for over a year, several characters in the political satire A Migratory Christmas Story, Michelle in Allo Allo (dir. David Ash).

Mariana works on stage, radio and film and co-writes her own material for stage sometimes.

  • ORHAN TIĈIC is Zlatan - studied at ArtsEd, London. This marks a return to acting after a 10-year break from regular TV work in the UK.
  • ANYA WHITING is Katya - currently researching language & education for her PhD. 


Promo embarrassment ha! 

A short promo vid for the Morart Festival channel about my methods. Filmed in my Psychedelic Shack - purpose-built shack for editing and filming. A haven. A dream realised. A cave. Isolate, focus, pretend.  

Digital kit lets a film-maker do this... the first time in history.

Two couples have double-booked a weekend cottage - and when a therapist uses changework techniques to cure anxiety, the ex-military boyfriend is not best pleased.
Mental health is on more and more people's agenda - but what do we really know? This film includes techniques from the world of changework therapy, previously unseen in cinema.
Filmed & recorded with no crew over the course of the weekend, this improvised changework drama brings new techniques and ideas to how cinema - and mental health - can be. By removing a crew there is only one "system" operating in the room - artists working together.  


"Natural paced dark comedy"

"An engaging story of relationships & expectations"

"A fascinating and thought provoking film"


"Interesting story of ordinary situations. Insightful"

"The potential for positive change runs throughout"

"Interesting, moving, fun"

No Crew Filming?

Not sure of the title - because our brains do not do negatives. Think of a pink elephant - what are you doing now? Think of working without a film crew? What are you thinking of now.

Digital tech is amazing. Plus cheap Chinese engineering for the mics. We can now make a film by ourselves. I made Under the Weather partly as a test - is it possible to work alone with the cast? Yes it is.  And that brings lovely artistic potentials.

Changework Therapy

is a catch-all term for a range of recently focussed approaches. Some of these go back some way into the annals of therapeutic ideas whilst others are new discoveries, being backed by increasing neuroscience discoveries.

It is not counselling - talking about it. Sometimes that helps of course, and many counsellors use changework techniques alongside. The essential element of Changework Therapy is... change.  Let's change the thing that is happening so you don't feel that bad thing anymore. Now you are flexible to choose how you want to behave, or what you think about something.  Your brain is back on your side - often in one session.

And not how counselling brings understanding. Because understanding our histories does not stop the unwanted behaviour or feelings. Some of us know spiders will not hurt us - yet jump and scream!  Others know that the war is over - yet tremble and stress. Changework Therapy is superb at these stuck states and is used all over the world.

Under the Weather is perhaps the first movie to introduce these amazing approaches to a wider public.

Under the Weather also opens up discussions for the therapeutic communities - how should we share what we have learnt to do? What do we get about being a person that is not culturally known? How does that affect our relationships?

For more info follow the details at the end of the movie or check out the director's therapy & coaching page


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